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Name of NHK show 2020/5/25 09:19
When I was in Japan many years ago, there was a NHK TV competition show that I saw about groups of people recreating an action of something e.g boating in the sea, with people making actions of a wave and people on a make-up boat, or a giant record player playing music that was made up of a group of people.

Those are just examples of actions that I can remember of from the show.
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Re: Name of NHK show 2020/5/26 12:47
Are you sure it was NHK? The only thing that comes to mind is the following, though on a different channel:
Kasou Taishou (欽ちゃん&香取慎吾の全日本仮装大賞; Kinchan and Katori Shingo's All Japan Costume Grand Prix)
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Re: Name of NHK show 2020/5/27 00:07
That's the one! For some reason, somehow I kept thinking that it was NHK. A case of bad memory and I apologized for that. And I thank you for solving my years of puzzlement.
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Re: Name of NHK show 2020/6/7 00:10
NHK also provides international broadcasting services, NHK World-Japan. You have confused the show already.
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