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The dog i like, the dog you like 2020/5/30 07:24
Spanish native, sorry for bad english.

I have a dog which is eating. The simplest form: The dog eats.

1) inu GA taberu

Now I want to say that I like the dog.

2) whatashi WA inu GA suki TA.

Same for anata. But how to connect booth? "The dog I like eats" and "The dog YOU like eats".

I think something about:

3) (watashi No suki NA inu) WA taberu.
4) (anata NO suki NA inu) WA taberu.

Is this correct? I think no... that sound like "my/your desiderable dog eats".

About the last:

5) (suki NA dog) Wa taberu

am I telling "the desiderable dog, the dog who everyone likes" eats??? I mean, in this case "suki" is for everyone, or just for me, or is context dependent?

Help, heeeeelp pleaseee.
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Re: The dog i like, the dog you like 2020/5/30 12:33
First of all, have you learned the gte-form + iru/imasuh to talk about an action that is right now happening, meaning to say ghe is eatingh instead of ghe eatsh?

(1) Inu ga tabete iru. (The/a dog is eating.)
(2) Watashi wa inu ga suki da. (I like dogs)

(3) Watashi no suki na inu ga tabete iru. (The dog I like is eating.)
The same for (4). You are talking about a specific dog that you like.

For (5), gsukih by itself does not point to whose gfavoriteh the dog is. By itself it is too vague.
If you want to say gthe dog everyone likes is eating, then it would be:
Minna ga suki na inu ga tabete iru. ("minna" = everyone)
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