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Live streaming event in Japan? 2020/6/3 07:57
It looks like it still takes awhile to open up any live entertainment events. Is it any good live streaming events going on?

Here are the list I found but those are for club event and J-POP.


Are there any other live streaming events available for more music/ sport/ cultural events etc?
by J tanabe (guest)  

Re: Live streaming event in Japan? 2020/6/3 20:48

As for baseball in Japan, DAZN and pacific league TV broadcast current NPB pre-season match starting from June 2nd. You will need to subscribe but also they have trial period for a month.

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Re: Live streaming event in Japan? 2020/6/3 23:45
Could you be a little more specific? Meanwhile, here are some info:

Pop chart of live streaming

Classical music

Virtual overseas travel (not free but you get souvenirs sent to you)

On-line Bus Tours (not free but you get to experience the tour with tour-mates, and even get to sing with your bus guide!)
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Re: Live streaming event in Japan? 2020/6/4 20:11
Thanks Tam and Uco for your suggestions! To answer Uco to clarify what I was asking here, I was sad that I could not go to any events this year, but instead, some cool live streaming events like music festivals, concerts etc. going on so I wanted to reach out to you guys what kind of cool live streaming events going on, instead of actual events. All of the replies so far are great! Itfs more about listing cool events rather than getting specific.
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Re: Live streaming event in Japan? 2020/6/5 17:05
Osaka prefecture offers free live streaming concert this Sunday from 4pm.

-Hitomi Yaida


Also Osaka prefecture are listing the live streaming events in Osaka here, as a support for live entertainment industry.

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