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How to help Japanese learners 2020/6/8 09:31
I want to help someone who studies Japanese. But I don't know the way well though I tryed.
Do you know the way or any applications that can help Japanese study or Japanese larners?
I saw many people who study Japanese hard but I couldn't give them hand before.
Now I can ,so please tell me if you know.
thank you for reading.
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Re: How to help Japanese learners 2020/6/8 10:28
Are you working in a company and want to help your colleague(s) get by better with everyday Japanese, or do you want to give them real grammar lessons?

You might want to read up on textbooks for learners of the Japanese language to see how the language is presented/explained to speakers of other languages. What is easy for native speakers may not be easy for non-native speakers of the language, and the Japanese grammar is presented in a different way to learners from the way it is presented to locals. This also will help you to find out what they are struggling with.
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Re: How to help Japanese learners 2020/6/8 18:24

Depending on who you want to teach and what for, you also have the option to contact your city hall to see if there are any non-profit groups teaching Japanese to foreign residents who may not necessarily speak English.

I hope this information may help you.
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Re: How to help Japanese learners 2020/6/8 22:04
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Re: How to help Japanese learners 2020/6/12 02:29
As someone who struggles a lot, I'd love to have someone who can converse with me and point out my mistakes. And when they listen to you talk, they'll be able to learn what sounds natural, and what doesn't.

Texting and chatting on the internet using kanji can help them a lot, too. The more they see a kanji being used in a life situation, the easier it is for them to remember and recognize it.

Basically: talking to them helps their listening and speaking. Texting/chatting helps reading and writing.
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Re: How to help Japanese learners 2020/6/29 17:19

I studied Japanese with Cactus Language before I went to Japan and I found them really helpful! They offer courses at different lengths and all levels :)

They are currently doing a free taster lesson in Japanese so you should definitely consider them! Here's the link https://www.languagecoursesuk.co.uk/free-japanese-trial-lesson/

Hope this helps!
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