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Traveling from Kagoshima up to Nagasaki 2020/6/9 22:05
Hi. My question is related with the route I should take when I travel from Kagoshima to Nagasaki.
I will travel with bicycle and doing camping. I have two option and it would be nice to hear other opinions as well. The trip is going to happen around April-May.
Route 1 is going up on the main island through Kumamoto. Please note that I have been at Mount Aso already.
Route 2 is to go through the Amakusa islands skipping Kumamoto.
I have been told that Kumamoto is a really nice city but I am not really a city boy so at the moment I would take route 2 but as I said I am open to suggestions.
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Re: Traveling from Kagoshima up to Nagasaki 2020/6/10 17:22
Sorry, Ifm not a cyclist nor a camping amateur, but I am a resident of Kagoshima city and have had some experiences to go to Nagasaki by car. The most monotonous route (by car) Ifve ever had was to go through coastal route in Saga prefecture (I add, on the contrary, that in Saga prefecture, the northern coastal route was very picturesque). At that time, I went to Hirado island and Ikitsuki island, and come back downwards to Nagasaki city through Sasebo city and western coast line of Nishi-Sonogi peninsula. Great route.

You donft mention if you use ferryboats or not. I would recommend you to use ferryboat(s) somewhere.
If you donft use ferryboats, you will have to go up always on the Kyusyu main island not only through Kumamoto prefecture but through Saga prefecture. As I said, this route is a long and a bit monotonous detour, and itfs only a flat, dull, busy with annoying traffic of cars and trucks (except for some coastal part from Kashima to Isahaya). This might be better for cycling, I donft know.

If you use ferryboats, you have three options:
1. From Kumamoto New port (F{V`) to Shimabara port, Nagasaki prefecture (`A茧)
2. Nagasu port (Kumamoto prefecture, F`AF{j to Taira port (Shimabara peninsula, Nagasaki prefectureAǍ`A茧).
3. The third option I really recommend you and I like best is the route where you use two ferry boats. From Kuranomoto port (Nagashima town, Kagoshima prefecture) to Ushibuka port (Amakusa island, Kumamoto prefecture [`AF{). From Ushibuka port, in Shimabara island, you have three options to reach another port, Oniike port (Sr`) which links with Kuchinotsu port, (Shimabara peninsula VÍ`A): western coastal route with a great ocean view, central route among mountains and eastern coastal route which is more rural than the two others. Personally, I recommend the third one. Once you reach Kuchinotsu port in Shimabara peninsula, you should go up along the western coastal route (N.50) to Nagasaki city via Obama town which gives you a very nice ocean view and which flat easy route to run by bicicle.
This no.3 option is the route I love personally, but, itfs always by car. I am not sure that my recommendation is suitable for cycling and camping.
As for camping site, I have no idea to give you.

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Re: Traveling from Kagoshima up to Nagasaki 2020/6/10 21:30
I also canft really answer your question although I have done 2 months of cycling through Japan including a little bit in Kyushu:


I keep a blog with my cycling adventures in Japan and some general ideas for route planning. Maybe you find something useful.

Regarding Kumamoto, I have been by train a few years ago (shortly after the earthquake) and wouldnft say that it is spectacular city. Sure it has a huge castle (now partly in ruins/reconstruction) and at least one very nice garden. There must be also other highlights, but if Kumamoto is your only reason for going up the coastline instead of going over the islands, I would think the islands are much nicer. (Havenft been though).

Habe a look for the blog posts on JG by mfedley. He has traveled extensively in Japan and us a prolific writer.

Regarding PPs comment on heavy traffic, what I have found is that if you are riding in flat regions you can often find very small roads as well, going through the fields. So you arenft restricted to the same roads as cars.

I remember the road from Kagoshima airport into hothead city (down at the coast ) as very busy. Too busy for me to be comfortable but it is the only road. Otherwise in Kyushu I always had small roads.

Enjoy planning your trip to Japan!
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Re: Traveling from Kagoshima up to Nagasaki 2020/6/13 06:10
Surely the ferry route will be more direct and take you through more rural and interesting places?
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Re: Traveling from Kagoshima up to Nagasaki 2020/6/14 15:20
If you choose the land route, there are actually a number of very good places you could see.
If you are going in the 2nd half of April, it is usually azalea season and there are a few excellent places to see them, such as Mifuneyama Rakuen, as well as Daikozenji in Kiyama. The Yutoku Inari Shrine on the way to Nagasaki is also one of the finest sights on Kyushu.

And if you have the time, the Arita Porcelain Park is a real mind trip - no other place in Japan like it. You'll feel you left the country.

BTW aside from Aso itself there are many other good sights around it - Nabegataki Falls, Kikuchi Gorge, Kurokawa, Daikanbo, the Yamabuki Springhead, and many more.
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