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Reapplying for tourist visa 2020/6/10 05:39
Hello everyone,I hope you're all doing fine during these tough times.

This year messed up a lot of our plans x)
I planed to visit Japan this April and get married there but alas...
In my country I need to obtain a tourist visa in order to visit and it's not easy to aquire (I needed a lot of paperwork and documents both from me and my spouse which took a while to prepare) However I did manage to get a visa (1 month with life span of 3) which will expire soon this June.
Obviously I didn't get the chance to use the visa because all flights were halted/cancelled (sadly)

My question is for the people who didn't get the chance to use thier visa because of the current situation do you think that reapplying again for a visa will require you to collect all these documents/paperwork all over again ??

I heard that some embassies because of these special circumstances of current times will only ask for your passport (with old visa in it) and visa request document plus a letter of explanation of why you couldn't travel, and they will renew your visa. I don't know how true this info is so what do you guys think?

I apologise for the long message and I wish you guys a nice day =)
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Re: Reapplying for tourist visa 2020/6/10 10:38
You need to ask the embassy you applied for the visa through. Only they can provide the official answer.
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Re: Reapplying for tourist visa 2020/6/10 10:45
For those whose CoE (certificate of eligibility) yet to enter Japan, the immigration authorities are extending the validity of the CoE from the usual 3 months to 6 months.
(Please see 2 (i)

cwhich comes from this page:
(Under gHandling of residence applications due to the spread of the COVID 19 disease")

Youfd need to ask at the Embassy of Japan in your country whether this also applies to visa that has already been issued. Best wishes.
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Re: Reapplying for tourist visa 2020/6/11 04:31

Both of our marriages were delayed by the virus lol. Although, I must say your situation sounds worse than mine due to the difficulty of the way you must obtain a visa.
I haven't researched a great deal about it, but I would assume for you that you would only need to provide your passport. It would be very unfair for them to make you do the whole process again when something happened that was completely out of your control.
My best advice would be to contact the embassy regarding this matter and see what they have to say about it. The British Embassy in Tokyo just begun to operate more as usual - maybe your Embassy will be able to help you with your situation. Be sure to explain to them everything!
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Re: Reapplying for tourist visa 2020/6/11 07:55
Most likely the visa you have is cancelled and of no use anyway. Most issued visas were cancelled back a couple of months ago.

You will need to reapply.
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