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Friend stuck in Japan 2020/6/12 05:50

I have a friend who has been studying in Japan for 4.5 years. He just finished his Master degree in February, and was ready to come back to Vietnam. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and he has been stranded there for months. He says he has to move in with his friends and change places constantly, something to do with the landlord finding out... His meals are mostly instant noodles and egg with rice. His parents do send him money but their business in Vietnam is also slow, so he doesn't want to waste money. The last day he's legally allowed to stay in Japan is 6/26, and he doesn't know what happens after that. He really can't just purchase an airplane ticket and fly back? We've been friends for years, so I don't think he's making things up, and he has no reason to do so, either. Is there anything I can do to help him? Are there any services that can help students like him? At least with food? I am thinking of sending him money, about 100 bucks, to help him with his meals. Is this wise? Not that I am well-off, but I am wondering if I should lend a bit money or direct him to services that can help him.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: Friend stuck in Japan 2020/6/12 12:20
Why didn't he call the embassy? That's the first thing he should have done! Why? Because it seems the embassy of Vietnam has been arranging special flights for their citizens stuck in Japan like your friend. Several hundred of vietnamese have already left on those flights. You can see more details here:

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Re: Friend stuck in Japan 2020/6/12 14:48
Yes, your friend should contact the embassy.

Also there is a Vietnam - Japan association (I do not have the official name in English) who is providing support to Vietnamese students and trainees in Japan. They are based in Shimbashi, Tokyo.


mail n.tomoikigmail.com
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Re: Friend stuck in Japan 2020/6/12 17:14

Your friend could apply for extension with immigration based on above, due to covid19 situation.

Also mentioned by AK, there is NPO group that helping out Vietnamese student etc.
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Re: Friend stuck in Japan 2020/6/14 22:41
He said he contacted the embassy already, but since there are so many people who want to return, he has to wait. He's gonna go to a local temple and ask for a recommendation to return, on Monday. I have no idea how that works, but that's just what I was told. It appears that it's the same temple as in the link. It's a temple, right...? Are they gonna be able to help him with food, at least?
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Re: Friend stuck in Japan 2020/6/15 08:27
Yes, it is a temple, who provides help in the form of food and shelter (if needed). I hope it is the same one. Nisshinkutsu VA in Tokyo. Best wishes to your friend.
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