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Seaside Club 2020/6/14 05:23
The last time I was in Yokohama was in 1966. I was USAF stationed at Tachikawa AFB from December 1963 to June 1966. I would drive my 1958 250cc Honda Dream down from Tachi anytime The Gay Little Hearts were playing at the Zebra club or at the Top 5 in Yokosuka. Bad weather meant several train changes but I always managed to make it.

My 78 year old mind is failing me. Where was the Seaside Club located in respect to the Zebra Club or the Yokohama Marine Tower?

Starting from the Zebra Club I think I remember passing the Yokohama Navy Exchange along the road to Yokosuka. Does that sound right?


by William Bickel (guest)  

Re: Seaside Club 2020/6/14 11:28
Hello William,

Welcome to JG. The Seaside Club was in area 1 it was in the neighborhood of the Yamate police station and Ricksha Room. I think it was officers club. From the entrance, left room was bar counter and billiards. In the center was dining room with a large picture of the battleship Missouri on the wall. A red Torii in the courtyard could go to the beach.

Zebra Club was near Yamashita Park. Close to the Hotel New Grand, which was once a GHQ, and the Marine Tower still has lights.

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Re: Seaside Club 2020/6/15 23:07
Hi William
I was stationed in Yokohama 67 69 . The Veterinary office was right next to the Seaside club, which was an NCO club, as a SP 5 I usually went to the Zebra club about a mile downtown.
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