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Travel in February 2021 2020/6/16 14:58
I was wondering what the possibility of traveling would be in February 2021 with the restrictions in Japan right now? I'm from Canada if that matters.
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/16 21:26
Ummmm... let me get out my crystal ball.

Essentially no one can know now. You can start planning your trip and even make reservations for hotels (that are cancelable) but be prepared that you might need to call it off.
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/16 22:46
Nobody really knows, I'm hoping to travel to Japan at the very end of this year or sometime next year. I'm from the UK. There is no way of telling though unfortunately.
However, there is a good way to measure around when you might be able to travel.
Take a look at how Japan are slowly easing travel restrictions with certain countrys - Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand - because they have handled the Coronavirus situation relatively better than other countries. Therefore, they will let these countries travel to Japan first.
They won't let people from those countries travel on tourism though, at least not yet. First comes business travel, then students and finally tourists. On top of that, it'll only be 250 people from each country per day that can enter and they must submit a document that proves they were tested for the Cornavirus before they came to Japan. Then, once in Japan they must submit an itinerary that details their visit followed by another Cornavirus test.

So the best way to figure out around when you may be able to travel to Japan again is to look at the situation with your own country. I'm not very sure how Canada have been handling the Coronavirus, but if your country is handling it well then you may possibly be able to travel at the end of this year.
My advice would be to keep an eye on Kyodo News (They update a lot about the Coronavirus in relation to Japan) and to also keep a close eye on how Canada is handling the Coronavirus.
I'm from the UK and we've been handling the situation very poorly with a high death-rate and a lot of infections. It's starting to get better, so I'm being optimistic about going to Japan in November/December. Though, I'm yet to book any flight tickets because I think deep-down the UK won't be going to Japan until perhaps February or March in 2021.

Finally, I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think that Canada, the UK, America, China, Germany and perhaps other countries with a high tourism rate in Japan could be very slightly fast-tracked into a return to Japan considering they contribute significant amounts of GDP. But right now I think Japan wants to focus purely on keeping it's country safe.
Bottom line, keep an eye on your country's status with the Coronavirus and do check frequently with Japan's Coronavirus latest. The better your country is doing - the closer you are to a flight to Japan.
I'll leave a link to Kyodo for you, it's definitely a great source.

Website Front Page

Coronavirus Latest as of today (June 16th 2020)
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/16 22:54
It's really too early to tell. I've booked flights from Australia for November and see my chances at 50% at best. I will say that if you book - be very careful with who you book with as it's taking ages for me to get back refunds for my flights in Asia (currently live in Singapore).

The comment of different countries is a very important one. Business travel might start soon - but it will be limited to countries who have got the virus under control and have less porous borders than Europe and the Americas.
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/17 07:47
. . . New Zealand - because they have handled the Coronavirus situation relatively better than other countries.
Well, until yesterdays' news that the dumb Ministry Officials allowed infected people out of quarantine without bothering to test for Covid despite symptoms and let them travel across the country infecting who knows how many others,
And the quarantine people are all being mixed as well, day one people having the opportunity to infect day 14 people - duh. They decided (finally) it might be a good idea to test people before being released from quarantine.
Yes, NZ might have done better than other countries, but they haven't done that great when you scratch under the surface. At least in Japan it is obvious the approach has been rather sporadic.
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/18 21:50
I highly doubt anyone from the UK will be allowed into Japan in the next 6 months.
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/22 23:52
Unfortunately, it's too soon to know :(

Right now, Japan is opening the country slowly and if things go well, the plan is that it will get better and better for tourism. But since even China had some new cases of COVID-19, it is too soon to know if they will not lockdown again.

Let's hope we can have a vaccine or good treatment soon, so it is safe to travel again.

If you want to already plan the trip, I recommend you to buy everything with insurance and to be up to date with the news about coronavirus in Japan (and in the world).
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/24 22:30
I get the feeling that there might be a vaccine by the beginning of 2021. When I watched the movie gPandemich, recipients of the vaccine got a medical band attached to their wrist, showing that they were vaccinated.

Something like this might be internationally recognized, and travel may open up. This may become the new normal for international travel.
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Re: Travel in February 2021 2020/6/25 06:54
My feeling is the odds are in favour of being able to travel by then, but anything just be aware you might lose any money you spend in advance kind flights and hotels, so donft spend anything you can afford to lose.
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