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Is basic BS TV Free? 2020/6/19 13:54
I have lived in two separate Mansions in Japan (Tokyo) with two separate TV's. In both apartments and with both TV's I was able to receive some BS Channels for free. I also had the option of paying for more BS channels (Disney, Fox) but never did.

I have moved to a 3rd apartment recently and also had my TV fixed recently. My TV is no longer showing BS TV and I am not clear if this is from the fix or the new apartment.

I asked my Mansion to confirm the building has BS Satellite reception. They are telling me I have to pay for BS TV. I am calling BS...

So my question, are some channels from BS TV free (TV Tokyo, etc.)?

p.s. Please leave all NHK discussions out of this thread.
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Re: Is basic BS TV Free? 2020/6/19 18:08
If the building has cable TV service (such as JCOM) connected, you might have to pay to watch BS channels (provided it doesn't have the antenna but just cable service).
If the building has a community reception antenna, you should be able to watch BS channels (if your TV is set up for it).
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Re: Is basic BS TV Free? 2020/6/20 07:30
As long aas you are connected to an antenna via coaxial cable, what you received over the air broadcast is free. You 'do/supposed' to pay the NHK fee .. 😉

Other poster pointed out that you should check your connection on your new apartment. How did you connect your TV in your previous apartment ? Is it the same or different in your new apartment?
Normal cable TV network service will need you to be connected to a set-top box, and that will incur a subscription fee.
If you connected directy to the antenna socket off the wall via coaxial cable then, it should be free over the air broadcast, including BS. So check your new apartment, can you see a parabola dish antenna(BS) or UHF antenna(digital TV) ?
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