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Is it already safe to go on a trip to Kyushu? 2020/6/21 12:20
I've been here in Japan on a work&travel trip since January. When the nationwide state of emergency was declared I stopped travelling and stayed in Ehime, where I'm currently doing some volunteer work with a non-profit organisation. Unfortunately my visa expires in July and I'm due to return to my home country in three weeks. Before that I actually wanted to travel around Kyushu as I haven't been to this area yet. Since the restrictions on inter-prefectural travels have been lifted it would be theoretically possible to go through with that plan. However since the Covid-19 crisis is far from over, I don't know if it's irresponsible to travel around just for pleasure. So what do you think, is it already ok to try to go back to normal and go on that trip (of course with all safety measures applied such as wearing masks, keeping distance, etc.) or should I rather stay where I am until I return back home in July?
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Re: Is it already safe to go on a trip to Kyushu? 2020/6/21 17:48
I would say itfs really a judgement call.

As you say, traveling cross-prefecture is no longer discouraged, and people are beginning to move longer distances (such as young families visiting their grandparents, and dads working away from home during the weekdays and so far were unable to return to their families on the weekend returning, and families making short weekend trips to gbreatheh a bit), but complete pleasure trips would take longer time to recover.
For myself, I live in Tokyo, and I am thinking about doing a hot spring trip (to Kanagawa or Shizuoka prefecture) maybe in July or a bit later. Maybe I will go to the adjacent prefecture to check on my old house once before that. Thatfs about it when it comes to crossing prefecture borders (for myself).

Soc if I were you, if you think this is gonce in a lifetimeh opportunity to visit that part of Japan, yes, I would definitely go, while taking precautionary measures for yourself as well as for others around you. But if you think you might have another opportunity to come back to Japan maybe in one or a few yearsf time for sightseeing trip, I might drop it this time.

By the way, are you aware that those currently in Japan with their resident status expiring (since March) up to July have additional 3 months to apply for extension/renewal, IF they are unable to leave Japan? I am assuming you are on working holiday status (since you say work & travel), which usually cannot be extended, but under these extraordinary circumstances they might handle it differently. If you ever have any difficulty finding flight or something, please check with the immigration authorities.
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Re: Is it already safe to go on a trip to Kyushu? 2020/6/22 06:40
To my believe it is.
We live in Kyushu and sticking to the SD, use of mask and other covid-rules, it is safe to travel.
For sure, the now lacking of big tourist crowds makes it so special to see the sights.
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Re: Is it already safe to go on a trip to Kyushu? 2020/6/22 13:08
Dear all,

thank you very much for your answers. I'm not worried about my own health, as I'm still young and don't have any underlying conditions, but I'm afraid of putting more vulnerable people in danger by unnecessarily traveling around and possibly carry the virus without knowing.

On the other hand, it also hurts to see how all the small businesses are struggling because of the lack of tourists, so at some point we should try to lead a normal life again.

I will decide this week if I should take the chance and explore Kyushu (with no tourist crowds) or if I should postpone it to next time, as I intend to return to Japan in 1-2 years.

As for the visa: I already extended it by 90 days in April. As I'm supposed to return to my job in my home country and I've been able to book a return flight I guess I'll have to say goodbye to Japan...for now;)
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