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Iphone HW repair service in Osaka 2020/6/26 09:06

Does someone know an iphone repair service, you can also repair certain HW faults in Osaka or Kobe?

My Iphone was freezing every couple of seconds, therefore there was not much anymore I could do with it. I put it then in the service mode to do a complete reset via itunes. Unfortunately it stopped at around 90% (judging from the size of the bar) and the PC showed me an unknown error (10).

Afterwards I also went to 2 smartphone repair shops, but since these are only specialized in glass or battery replacements, all they could try was also to reset it without success and also said it is probably a HW problem.

I have the Iphone X since launch and therefore I don't have any warranty and according to the information on the apple webpage, the repair will cost 59,900 JPY, which seems completely crazy, as I coud also just buy a used iPhone X or a little bit worse phone for less money.

If someone knows a shop who offers HW repairs and are cheaper than apple, that would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Iphone HW repair service in Osaka 2020/6/28 04:12
I am surprised that you didn't say you tried a Google search, like "iPhone repair Osaka" or even a search on Google maps. You would have gotten instant answers instead of waiting for someone here to respond.
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Re: Iphone HW repair service in Osaka 2020/6/29 09:26
I would just do a search online to find what you're looking for. A lot of places also don't repair them because Iphones are harder to take apart and put back together on purpose so that they make you have to buy a new one. That's why I don't like Apple and their business practices of how they force you to get a new phone, or else it's an insane amount of money to repair it. If all else fails, even try repairing it yourself by researching online and buying a repair kit, though that would be a last resort.
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Re: Iphone HW repair service in Osaka 2020/6/29 15:47

I think in that case I will try to repair it by myself due to a lack of other solutions. Of course it is hard to tell what to repair, but is there somewhere a good explanation online how to open the Iphone X and what to look for (something like the most obvious and frequent problems). As far as I see it it could be something simple like a short-circuit?

By the way, I did try google search and went based on the results also to 3 different shops to ask before posting here. I let the first one even try to fix it, since they don't ask for money when they are unable to repair it, but all they tried was also a reset which I tried multiple times at home. The other 2 shops told me from my description of the problem that this is most likely due to a hw problem, but cannot fix it, if it is.
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