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Requirements for getting a jibaiseki hoken 2020/6/26 22:52
I recently loaned a 2nd hand car from a car dealer and was advised that my car will be delivered by next month. My question is, can I get a jibaiseki hoken and voluntary car insurance for that car even if I dont have it in my possession yet? The car dealer lent me a temporary car to use but I'm also anxious about driving it because I dont have my own jibaiseki and voluntary car insurance. The temporary car Im using though has a shaken certificate. Also, what are the requirements for obtaining a jibaiseki cert and voluntary car insurance?
Thank you.
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Re: Requirements for getting a jibaiseki hoken 2020/6/27 23:34
自賠責保険 sticks to the car. the car owner paid this insurance, when he/she passed the car's 車検. (so, "no 車検" means "no 自賠責保険".)
generally speaking, car owner joins 任意保険. but, non-owner can join 任意保険 so called ドライバー保険.

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Re: Requirements for getting a jibaiseki hoken 2020/6/28 15:22
You don't need jibaiseki for temporary car, and It's up to you for voluntary insurance.

If you purchase a car, you will be automatically covered by the liability insurance(jibaiseki hoken), and you will not be able to pass a car that is not covered by the vehicle inspection. Also known as "compulsory insurance".
On the other hand, voluntary insurance(nini hoken) does not necessarily have to be subscribed, and even if you do not have it, you will not be unable to drive.
In other words, liability insurance is mandatory, whereas voluntary insurance is free.
However, as for the scope of compensation, which is another major difference, there are many types of voluntary insurance, so even if they are free, many people will join.

For example, the liability insurance covers only the other party, but if it is voluntary insurance, you can also cover yourself.
What's more, you can set the coverage for voluntary insurance, so you can set the coverage according to your purpose.

Since it also has these features, it will cost a little, but it can be said that there is sufficient merit to take out voluntary insurance.
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