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How should I write my name? 2020/6/28 11:23
my name is Melís and itfs pronounced with a stress on the last syllable so ifm not really sure how to write it in katakana. I donft think X is right... what about bX? Almost like Melissa but without the gAh sound.
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Re: How should I write my name? 2020/6/28 12:24
[X perhaps?
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Re: How should I write my name? 2020/6/28 13:09
Melissa is pronounced with a staccato rather than a stress. Is the latter part of your name pronounced like "lease" as in "lease a house to someone"? If so, I would go for [X
It sounds like a beautiful name either way.
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Re: How should I write my name? 2020/6/28 14:19
Going by hunch, I would say X. [X might work. But even with [X people might pronounce it with the stress (or ghighh intonation) on the first syllable (as if it was closer to gMaryfsh for comparison), so just informing people how itfs properly pronounced in your language when they say it wrong might be the only way to go, as there is no way to really mark a stress in katakana writing.

Andc just like some Japanese names are difficult to pronounce right and always get twisted around a bit in another language environment, you might have to get used the idea that it gcouldh be pronounced a bit differently when transported to/written in another writing system.

What I mean is that for example a common Japanese girlfs name like gHanakoh is pronounced HA-na-ko, with the accent/high intonation on the first syllable in Japanese, but English language speakers almost always pronounce it with huh-NA-kou, with the strong accent on the second syllable. As long as the conversation is in the English language, I take this as the inevitable.

This doesnft mean you have to put up with it when your name is not pronounced right, but just to let you know what gcanh happen.

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