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Spouse of a Japanese National COE 2020/6/29 05:52
So my husband is a lot older than I am, we have a generation gap, about 30 years of an age gap.
We have all other documents to support the marriage, pictures, letters, messages, etc.
Ifm not in the country currently, we decided it be best to lodge an application for a COE first.

Would my COE be approved?

Hefs a lot older than I am, yes, but we have the same mind set, he doesnft have kids, doesnft want them either, hefs also been divorced once.
I donft want kids either, I donft mind that hefs been divorced, he told me why he got divorced and I understand the reason, I agree with it.
This would be my first marriage.

Hefs extremely transparent about everything with me, hefs also put me down as his beneficiary of his assets, house and life insurance if anything were to happen to him. Hefs your typical salary man of course, but hefs had time to build himself up.

Hefs got all the papers in order too, taxes, insurances. Hefs also spoken to a lawyer. Hefs going to be my guarantor.

What exactly is immigration going to think of us if we lodge the application?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Spouse of a Japanese National COE 2020/6/29 09:43
All applications are checked individually.
There is nobody who can give you an answer if the application will be accepted or not except the immigration officer charge of your application.

All you can do is wait till you receive a letter back from the immigration.
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Re: Spouse of a Japanese National COE 2020/6/29 23:38
I am pretty much sure you will have no problem.
Please relax .
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