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Is May a bit early for Hokkaido? 2020/7/4 22:32
Hi all, Ifm looking to plan my second trip to Japan. Last year my SO and I spent three incredible weeks seeing Honshufs greatest hits. This time we are looking to either Kyushu or Hokkaido for a 10-14 day road trip, permitting the travel restrictions are eased by then. The only time wefll be able to go is around May 10th to May 24th. We are outdoorsy, and would love to do some serious hikes while wefre there (last year we did Mt Hotaka in the alps). I understand Hokkaido is preferable to Kyushu in terms of outdoor offerings, however Ifm worried that remaining snow might prevent us from taking full advantage of the national parks there. If thatfs the case, Ifd rather save Hokkaido for a future trip in July or August and see Kyushu this time around. Ifve also heard that May/early June is the optimal time to visit Kyushu. Below are potential outlines for the two itineraries. I understand we will need to cut some stuff out depending on time constraints. Which would you recommend?

Hakodate -> Shikotsu-Toya Natfl Park -> Sapporo -> Ashikawa/surrounding onsen towns/Daisetsuzan Natfl Park -> Shiretoko Natfl Park -> Akan Natfl Park -> Kushiro-shitsugen Natfl Park -> Kushiro

Fukuoka -> Karatsu -> Hirado -> Arita -> Nagasaki -> Kurosawa Onsen -> Aso-san -> Kumamoto -> Kagoshima -> Ibusuki -> Yakushima

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Re: Is May a bit early for Hokkaido? 2020/7/5 11:17
The kyushu itinerary would be a struggle to fit into 14 days. Lots of hard to get to places.
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Re: Is May a bit early for Hokkaido? 2020/7/5 12:22
I've not spent a lot of time on either Kyushu or Hokkaido, but there is plenty of real and decent hiking on Kyushu. I'd look at the Kuju mountains https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4775.html It looked like there was some really nice trails.
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Re: Is May a bit early for Hokkaido? 2020/7/9 00:05
I don't think the Kyushu itinerary is very difficult. Yakushima is the only one that will take significant time to reach. It's really just a matter of making sure you can do everything you want to do in each place in the time allotted. There are 11 locations listed for a 14 day trip and Yakushima will likely take 2 of those days rather than 1. Although a lot of the places are doable in one day, it is a bit fast-paced with a new destination every day.

If you want to have a base, Karatsu is good for Fukuoka, Karatsu, Hirado, and Arita.
The only other one where you could stay in a single location would be Kagoshima for Kagoshima and Ibusuki.

Your trip is more of a regular Kyushu trip than an outdoor-oriented trip, but it looks enjoyable.
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