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Whole Meat Japan? 2020/7/6 11:08
Has anyone ever ordered from Whole Meat Japan (https://www.wholemeat.jp/)? We want to order their BBQ set for a small celebration in the come weeks, but I have not found many reviews on this website. I am particularly interested in their next day delivery as the day of the celebration could be decided out of the blue
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Re: Whole Meat Japan? 2020/7/6 13:03
Never used it, but they say orders by 14:00 on weekdays will be shipped out the same day (so unless you live in Hokkaido, Okinawa or some remote island it should arrive the following day), delivered frozen, which seems to take a bit of time to thaw.
If you click on the gamazonh or gyahooh buttons toward the bottom of the page, that gets you to their store on amazon.co.jp and yahoo.co.jp malls, so you get to see some reviews there.
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Re: Whole Meat Japan? 2020/7/6 14:08
That sounds pretty cool! Do they have any guarantees on the website? I would first figure out what they guarantee and go from there. If something wasn't to your liking after ordering, perhaps you can speak to someone about what you ordered and they could set it right, if that's your concern.

Most companies in Japan strive to have good quality and I think you should have no issue ordering from them.
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Re: Whole Meat Japan? 2020/7/6 19:56
I donft know about this company. But friends of mine are using : https://www.themeatguy.jp/en/

And are very happy with the quality. I also tried it sometimes and liked it.

Enjoy your Bbq

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Re: Whole Meat Japan? 2020/8/3 16:57
yeah, when I first visit the place I had the same doubts in my head as yours, I usually never been to restaurants without checking the ratings and reviews. but the place is really good There are varieties of meat, vegetables, the dishes are fresh and creative. and the takeouts are also packed neatly without any leaks.
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