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Are there any lobster restaurants in Kyoto? 2020/7/8 18:57
Is there a seafood restaurant that includes lobster in their menu? I can't seem to find one in Google search. And also what restaurant serves the best unagi and uni dish in Kyoto?
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Re: Are there any lobster restaurants in Kyoto? 2020/7/9 10:39
(1) What do you exactly mean by lobster; and (2) what phrase did you search??

I did my own search and found 20 restaurant easily. I searched for spiny lobsters which is what you will find in the Pacific. If you want Atlantic lobsters (the kind with claws), you wonft find it in Kyoto or Japan (or if you do find it, it is likely imported thus not fresh).

The Japanese word for spiny lobster is ɐCV (Ise Ebi).

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Re: Are there any lobster restaurants in Kyoto? 2020/7/9 19:46
Among the numerous Red Lobster branches in Japan, there is one in Osaka which is a short train ride from Kyoto area.

But does it have to be Kyoto? Kyoto is most famous as a 8th Century capital, and because the city was guarded and so inconvenient from the sea, it used it's great culture to build a whole cuisine out of non-seafood material and non-fresh seafood material. If you want to enjoy "Ise-ebi", in other words, Japanese spiny lobster, take a day trip from Kyoto to Ise.

Similarly, locations famous for unagi are places like the lake of Hamanako or the river of Shinamto, both very far from Kyoto.

But like any city in Japan, Kyoto has a variety of restaurants that serve non-local cuisine. Ask at your hotel or a tourist information center for recommendations.

Meanwhile, here is a list of local foods in Kyoto that you might enjoy especially in Kyoto.
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