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Katakana translation 2020/7/10 21:25
Hello good morning, I will get a tattoo in katakana, which from what I have been able to read I see that everyone hates it.
the word is rehabilitation that I know is spelled リハビリテーション.
Would it be spelled correctly? it obviously has a personal history behind it that makes sense to me, even though it's so hate the katakana in the forum.
I'd also like to know what difference has リハビリテーション and short form リハビリ.
thank you very much for your attention.
by Savasci  

Re: Katakana translation 2020/7/11 21:17
I have no idea what your context is, but you sure got it right (see images below for proof). And I doubt that many people "hate" it. Most of us just don't want you to look dumb for wearing something you don't even understand while looking like a building entrance. And リハビリ is short for リハビリテーション.

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Re: Katakana translation 2020/7/12 11:42
The “katakana” transcription of the word “rehabilitation” as you have it is correct.
But as Uco-san mentioned, while we don’t know the background to your choice, it is not that we “hate” it, but just don’t understand why anyone would want to ink him/herself with a word/phrase in a language they don’t understand and cannot appreciate the aesthetic representation of (for example, brush strokes, print font, etc.). And as the photos above suggest, this word in katakana pretty much stands for the physical rehabilitation, not that of the soul or not the sense of “I got my life re-built” sort of meaning at all. If we hear the katakana word used, what comes to our mind is that of people who broke their leg trying to walk again, who had a cerebral infarction trying to walk again, who had a trauma trying to speak again, etc. So people who understand the Japanese language would wonder how you ever got the signboard to a (medical) rehab center on your arm.
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