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How to contact a mangaka 2020/7/15 03:04
Yoshihiro Togashi is a mangaka , known for creating Hunter X Hunter , YuYu Hakusho and Level E. I would like to send him an email.Due to the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic.... I would like to reframe from sending a fan letter.

I would really appreciate it ,if someone would know how to contact him personally or if therefs an alternative way of contacting him as well , to send fan mail.

Thank you for the help.
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Re: How to contact a mangaka 2020/7/15 12:28
Have you tried contacting the publisher? They may be able to pass it on for you.
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Re: How to contact a mangaka 2020/7/17 10:23
Many Mangaka do not want to be contacted.
If they need to answer all emails than they cannot do their work.

There is no e-mail account for receiving fan messages. The only way to contact Togashi-Sensei is to send a postcard to the publisher. I'm not sure but they might pass it to him. The address is as follows,

Syuueisya Shounen Jump Hensyuubu, Togashi Yoshihiro Sensei, 2-5-10, Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8050, Japan

Good luck
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Re: How to contact a mangaka 2020/7/17 21:28
In terms of Covid, companies in Japan are totally fine with accepting postcards and envelopes from anywhere in the world. If the mangaka has a "no fan letter" policy, the editor in charge would just hold on to the card or letter. Depending on the policy, the editor might just inform the contents. Go ahead and send it to the publishers. At least the publishers and editors would be happy, and manga cannot be published without publishers or editors.
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