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Any chance for these universities? 2020/7/24 18:47
Ifm sorry beforehand if this turned out to be a repost because I posted a question but itfs not on my bookmark so it mightfve gotten lost.
Ifm going to try to apply for Sophia FLA, Waseda SILS/SPSE and Keio Pearl for next year.
My ACT score is 28 (equal to 1310 SAT) (27 English,31 Math, 22 Reading, 30 Science) and 104 TOEFL. My HS didnft have a GPA system but my average was 83/100 so 3.3/4.0 (?).
Football extracurricular during HS and part of a branch of the student council, also won 3rd place on a International Business competition once.
I am already living in Japan and itfs highly likely that Ifll pass at least the JLPT N2 by April 2021.
I know people have told me that Ifll have less competition this year and that the essay is the most important part, but Ifm afraid that Ifll get rejected by all of them because of my terrible grades.
Also, Ifm Indonesian so I can only hope they will want to diversify their student body and consider me lol.
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Re: Any chance for these universities? 2020/10/12 23:35
I applied for the SILS AO April 2021 Entry too!
Ifm sorry for not being able to answer your question...as Ifm in a similar situation I wish I knew!
Yesterday I posted a question on this forum, but it seemed that nobody read/knew the answer :(
Do you happen to know if on November 6 they are going to contact only the conditional offer recipients or if they are also going to announce who was rejected and who got an unconditional offer (as in the previous years)?
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Re: Any chance for these universities? 2021/5/13 13:23
I'm late but did you get into Sophia FLA? cuz you have the same sat score as mine.
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