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Student loan in Japan for foreigners 2020/7/29 22:42
how does the student loan work in Japan for foreigners? I was doing some research on the Internet about students loans for foreigners but I didn't quite understand how it works because there were different answers and I was kind of misled, so I wanted to listen to the opinion of someone who might be good in this field and that might explain things to me. I am currently learning Japanese because I want to go there to the university and after that to live there, so I am trying to figure things out.
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Re: Student loan in Japan for foreigners 2020/7/31 09:59
if you mean loans from financial banks, probably, you can't get it, because you can't prove that you will really pay loans completely.
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Re: Student loan in Japan for foreigners 2020/7/31 11:00
I have heard of scholarships for certain studies, but not a straight loan, like from a bank. Foreign students-to-be are expected to be able to cover their tuition and living expenses on their own/familyfs funds. Youfd need to have a family member(s) living in Japan to be able to get a loan from a bank, as far as I know.

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