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100 yen shop at Ikebukuro area? 2005/6/13 10:35
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi I would like to find out if there is any 100 yen shops or Daiso store in Ikebukuro area.

by Andrew  

Yes 2005/6/13 12:38
there are several hundred yen shops in Ikebukuro. If you go out the east exit, Cross the street, you will be in front of a nova. Turn right and walk until you reach a major intersection (by major I mean one with traffic lights) cross the street. You should be in front of a coffee shop, turn left. You will pass by a koban, a bookstore and a macdonalds. The red 100 yen shop signs should be on your right. The shop itself is in the basement.

There are a few other shops too. let me know if you need directions to them.
by kait rate this post as useful

couple more 2005/6/13 22:51
The one mentioned above (in the basement of Kinkado store, just before you get to Uniqlo) is probably the biggest in the area, but there is also a Daiso in the basement of the Sunshine City complex (it's at the end with the passageway towards Ikebukuro station), and there's another small one in the alley behind Kinkado, if you are heading back towards the station.
by tokyoite rate this post as useful

100 yen shop 2005/8/1 16:37
Is there any 100 yen shop at Yokohama area?
by ALDO rate this post as useful

100 yen at ikebukuro 2006/4/23 09:07

I dont seem to see the daiso at sunshine city basement?? is it before or after ALPHA? thanks
by ad rate this post as useful

Daiso at Sunshine City 2006/4/23 13:58
Note that there is NOT daiso at sunshine city now.
Sorry to say but the shop was closed a few years ago.
by Mic rate this post as useful

daiso 2006/4/24 10:31
Yes, there is still a Daiso 100 yen shop in Sunshine City - it just moved. It is now on the B1 level at the Sunshine 60 end of the complex, closer to Ikebukuro station/the Amlux Toyota building. It is on one of the narrow corridors which mainly have restaurants, and near the elevators going up to the viewing area.
by tokyoite rate this post as useful

daiso details 2006/4/24 10:35
This is what it looks like now:
by tokyoite rate this post as useful

thanks tokyoite!!! 2006/4/24 13:38
Thank you for your correction and detailed notes on the right place, which are very helpful for me having missed daiso at I live nearby.
by Mic rate this post as useful

Daiso 2007/11/11 03:35
Hi there is one Daiso (100 yen shop)near Otsuka station...
above Golds Gym.
go straight from the Otsuka station and you will see a book store just infront of the station..take that lane and go straight and you will see the sign of Golds gym..Daiso is there only.
by sarita rate this post as useful

map for the store 2007/11/19 15:36
The store most ppl have been referring to is Cando.

Here's a map to it
by Nico rate this post as useful

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