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Writing a letter to my favorite manga author 2020/8/17 15:18
would love to write a letter to my fav mangaka enjouji maki San. Do they reply usually? What are the chances that she will actually read my letter
by Potato head (guest)  

Re: Writing a letter to my favorite manga author 2020/8/18 08:36
To be honest, most people here don't know if someone is going to respond or not. Better to just find out to write your letter and send it to the author and see what happens. I would find out if they have an official page or some kind of specific email that you can send it to to make sure that they get it. Unless you meant writing an actual letter and sending it to an address, though I wish you good luck.
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Re: Writing a letter to my favorite manga author 2020/8/18 19:17
The editor in charge of the artist would read all the letters and then forward them to the artist, unless it is anything offending. The editor might also orally forward some comments. But most popular artists are too busy to respond. The best way to get response (like a short word of thanks) is to post on an official social media that the artist personally runs, but I'm not sure if enjouji maki sensei has one.
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