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Meaning/connotation of warawara 2020/8/25 00:22
What kind of connotation does the word ワラワラ have when two girl friends are discussing a guy or a potential love interest? Said with a bit of laughter. Thanks for any help given!
by Dave (guest)  

Re: Need the meaning/connotation of warawara 2020/8/25 10:27
Can you give the whole sentence? It is usually used when many people/things "swarm" at something, but I have to read the whole sentence. Otherwise, it could just be like "lol lol," just laughing.
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Re: Need the meaning/connotation of warawara 2020/8/25 12:04
I assume you're looking at a manga where there is a drawing as you described, and then the onomatopoeia "warawara" is written near the drawing.

If so, as AK suggested, I think it implies that the young girls are sort of "swarming" together as most young girls love to do. Girls around the world tend to move in groups, and they love to kind of cuddle together to gossip. But looking from the outside, it's often a sort of an ugly and sometimes a scary thing to see teenagers getting close together swarming and gossiping.

When I Googled "warawara" to double-check, a website showed a bunch of cats swarming on food. To cat-lovers, it would look cute, but to cat-haters it would look terrifying and despicable.

I hope it matches the context.
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Re: Need the meaning/connotation of warawara 2020/8/25 16:13
Hi Dave!

I'm a 29 years old Japanese man living in tokyo.

Apparently, it express situation that she is laughing.
ワラワラ is a slung word that is based "笑う[ワラウ] (laughing)".
It is used as suffix of a sentense.
Most of the time, it used among only teenagers.
In english, it is similar with "lol".

Sorry for my poor english.
I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.

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