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Go to Campaign: Shinkansen or plane? 2020/9/21 04:15
So which is cheaper? Simple question.

Especially if included in a package from a travel agency.

Ifm still thinking of either doing that or separately booking transportation and hotels or even Airbnb (which is going to be late with the go to campaign. On their site from Oct 15)

Any useful thoughts?

Thanks all. Appreciate the feedback.
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Re: Go to Campaign: Shinkansen or plane? 2020/9/21 05:52
Transportation is only covered by the campaign if it is part of a travel package. So, it fully depends on what kind of package you are able to find and how it compares to getting a discount on an overnight stay and booking transportation separately without discount.
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Re: Go to Campaign: Shinkansen or plane? 2020/9/21 07:19
Cost comparison - depends where you are going. Also, depends if you are comparing an LCC with ANA/JAL - the differences can be large.
As an example, my friend booked us a short trip away for next month (they chose Kagoshima - not sure why). The base air-fare was 2000 yen each way for a two hour flight - it costs me that much to get to/from Narita on the local trains. When I flew the same trip in December I got a 12,000 yen fare (with one of the main carriers), and the full fare was something like 45,000 yen. Going by shinkansen would be way too expensive and time consuming. (as a side note, there are shinkansen discounts available from JREast - doesn't help you in Kansai)
BTW - there is a link on this website forum page to a "Go To Travel explained page"
Things like hotel discounts are available through some of the booking sites. I had the 35% discount applied to the hotel booking I made, but the price was so cheap (already discounted 50%) it fell well below the maximum discount available.
The other crazy cheap item that popped up was a rental car - 2,500/day. Actually works out cheaper than the local bus to/from the airport at the other end, so we'll use that to visit a couple of extra places.
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Re: Go to Campaign: Shinkansen or plane? 2020/9/22 18:05
If you book on your own, you can only get the discount on your hotel. Transportation is only covered if you buy a travel package.

But you have to talk to a travel agent and then do the math to determine which is cheaper. Many of the hotels the travel packages include are the most expensive, so in some cases, even with the discount, the cost is more expensive than paying full transportation and booking accommodation on your own.

I talked to a travel agent about going to Tottori, for example, and the price was insanely expensive in spite of the discount. I usually stay at cheap-to-mid-range hotels, so the extreme jump in cost of the hotel to get the travel package was not worth it.

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Re: Go to Campaign: Shinkansen or plane? 2020/9/26 16:55
Thanks for the input all.

Now come to think of it, with the coronavirus around Ifm kinda worried about jumping on a plane.

Still weighing my options whether it be Plane or Shinkansen.

I went through a travel agency and they were charging me \35,000 for a 3 night package at a normal business hotel and plane tickets (Kobe to Haneda) + their handling Fee.

If I did it all myself and booked separately Ifd pay the same but the hotel would be way better (4 star).

And with Shinkansen yea I wish there were deals from Kansai :-( going with a return ticket would set me back an extra \15,000
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Re: Go to Campaign: Shinkansen or plane? 2020/9/27 00:17
Plane or shinkansen, the risk is the same. Maybe riskier on shinkansen as there are many more people per train than per plane.
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Re: Go to Campaign: Shinkansen or plane? 2020/9/27 03:30
Air in the airplane is constantly replaced so no need to worry!

Same goes with the Shinkansen.
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