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How to dispose of a torii statue? 2020/10/2 01:13

A couple of days ago i bought a souvenir which contained a small torii statue. But even tho it's just a souvenir and not an actual or official torii statue, it seems to be reacting to my energy, making my nights.... well... let's just say i don't get a lot of sleeping time because of it.
I was wondering if i can just throw it away or if there are steps to follow in disposing a torii statue?
by Cheyenne (guest)  

Re: How to dispose of a torii statue? 2020/10/2 10:36
You mean it is something in the shape of the red/orange "torii" gate?

Was it at a shrine you bought it? Since you say you got it a couple of days ago, I assume you are in Japan now.. if so, can you find a shrine (any shrine) and return it, like you might do with "omamori" (protective charm from shrines/temples)?
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