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Does anyone know this Japanese drama? 2020/10/3 23:17
I recall watching this Japanese drama in the early 1980s. It's about a family who lived and operated a hotel or eatery near a ski resort. There was this handsome coach who used to be a skiing champion but could not continue competitive skiing, probably due to an accident or illness? Then there was this school girl who was rebellious at times but straightened up after knowing the coach. I also remember there was testing of an experimental wind turbine in one of the episodes. The final episode had a sad ending with the coach doing his last ski down the mountain and collapsing in the end. It has a beautiful soundtrack that's still playing in my head, even though it's almost 40 years now. I used to quickly complete my school work and stand by the television to follow this series. Truly hope that someone can tell me the title of this Japanese drama. Arigato!
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Re: Does anyone know this Japanese drama? 2020/10/4 14:19
Could it be "Geki-ai: San-gatsu ma-de no"? If you scroll down the link below, you'll see 10 square photos from the actual scenes.

It seems that, although it's a classic, it has never been released in DVD.
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Re: Does anyone know this Japanese drama? 2020/10/8 20:43
You are absolutely right, Uco.
Thank you very much for the answer I have been searching for the past 36 years! I tried to google for videos of the drama after your reply and I couldn't find any at all. What a pity that TBS does not have it on DVD.
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Re: Does anyone know this Japanese drama? 2020/10/8 21:53
Good to know it was the one you were looking for. It was easy to find info in Japanese. There seems to be a lot of fans. I wish I had seen it. Both main actors are still in show biz. People say there was a rerun in cable channel many years ago. If you have access to Japanese cable channels, maybe you'll encounter another rerun.

Here is a hashtag of the show:

And a blog with the theme song:

Hope it helps.
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