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Troubles with Application Form 2020/10/5 01:12
Hey there!
This question may be not fit here, but I didn't found ANY asnwers in other places...
I have to fill Application Form for Long-term Japanese Language School and there is column with my Educational background, and below that there is "ݐЏ Registered enrollment". What is that? I'm not a native english speaker and I have 0 idea what to write there, and I found nothing about that in Google. Help!
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Re: Troubles with Application Form 2020/10/5 09:27
So itfs asking about your educational background, then this one follows?
Then Ifd assume it is asking the genrollment status,h meaning whether you are currently studying at that school/college, graduated, or possibly dropped out.
So if you wrote ABC University for the educational background, then the answer for that question would be ggraduatedh (if you did graduate).

(OR, if it is asking about Japanese language schools, it would be asking you if you are currently studying at another Japanese language school/have studied at another school before.)

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