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Myoko - Fall Colors 2020/10/5 11:28
Hello, I am a resident of Japan, Tokyo more specifically. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the fall foliage in Myoko area bordering Nagano and Nigata prefectures. The wonderful fall foliage report section of this site does not offer any Myoko updates from the previous years (though one is expected to be posted on October 7th this year) and was particularly curious about the best timing to see the colors (could not find any precise info online but assuming it may be more around mid-October) and trail options. Just generally hoping to listen to others experiences hiking in that region and/or experience the fall foliage.
Thank you. Burcu
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Re: Myoko - Fall Colors 2020/10/6 06:44
Hi Burcu,
not sure how much Japanese you can read, but for me these pages from walker are always very helpful (e.g. for hanami or hanabi). There is in autumn also one for koyo:


You can dive into it and see how it is getting updated on a frequent basis with some icons indicating the stage of the koyo for the specific region you are interested in.


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Re: Myoko - Fall Colors 2020/10/6 09:03
In average year late Oct is a good time for autumn foliage around Myoko Kogen.


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Re: Myoko - Fall Colors 2020/10/6 09:43
LikeBike and William5, thank you so much. Very helpful two responses. I should report back here following my trip to the area at the end of October.
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