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Can a Japanese national to come to USA now? 2020/10/7 05:34
Hello everyone,

I searched the forum to see if this had been asked already but I wasn't able to find anything. I'm hoping someone can offer advice on my situation.

My Japanese girlfriend and I intend to get married and live the USA in the future. She's in Japan now and I'm in the USA. I understand the Japanese borders are effectively closed to me so I can't go and see her there due to COVID. Questions are:

Is she legally able to come here to visit me in the USA now? (various websites do say yes but I'm hoping someone has personal experience).

Does the visa waiver program still apply?

I really appreciate if anyone has insight or advice for us. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Can a Japanese national to come to USA now? 2020/10/7 12:28
That is a question for USA immigration. This website would have that info. I would google your home country info.

Upon retutning to Japan she will need to quarinteen for 14 days.
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