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Sapporo trip late Jan 2021 2020/10/26 21:25
Hi folks,

Me, da jwifey & son will be going to Sapporo for 3 nights with the second night at an onsen an hour away at some resort.

Just want to confirm if the below is a good itinerary of places we want to visit whilst in Sapporo.

Day 1 - arrive Sapporo approx 2:30pm and Check in hotel in or around Susukino around 3pm.

Quick visit to Nijo Market & dinner at one of the famous local ramen ya?

Day 2 - onsen resort an hour away.

Day 3 - back to Sapporo. Leave bags at hotel & visit Sapporo Beer Museum at exactly 11:30am. Leave around 2-2:30pm & visit Historic Village & Hokkaido museum. Finish at 5pm. (This all depends how long it takes to visit each site so anyone whofs been there please give me an estimate of how long you spent at each of the locations). Dinner at Susukino?

Day 4 - free up until 12-1pm then to airport bound back home. So maybe just to buy omiyage and have lunch.

Please let me know if this is feasible or if you would change some things in the outlined itinerary.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Sapporo trip late Jan 2021 2020/10/28 06:43
Historic Village, Hokkaido museum and forest, I spent most of the day there. For the historic village we spent around two hours on that alone.
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Re: Sapporo trip late Jan 2021 2020/10/29 12:27
I think both closed at 4.30pm instead of 5pm in Jan.

The bus comes in intervene of 30 mins so you have to take the 3.30pm bus from historic village to museum, and historic village will take about 2 hrs so u gotta reach earlier if you wanna do both places, or just drop the museum.
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Re: Sapporo trip late Jan 2021 2020/10/30 04:58
Thanks for the replies.

Which would you recommend? The historic village or the Hokkaido museum?

Trying to weigh my options here.
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Re: Sapporo trip late Jan 2021 2020/10/30 07:32
Well, I am sucker for open air museums, so for me it is the Historic Village. I went twice, once in winter with the snow, and that was really nice.

You have your last day without any plans and say that you only need to leave at around 12:30 to get to the airport, couldn't you do some more sightseeing on the Sunday?

Also with the Sapporo Beer Museum, if it is feasible I would probably try to go there for dinner rather than lunch. That way you have all day for the museum and Historic Village and then can come to the Beer Museum. (I assume that you want to go there to see a bit of the museum but mainly to eat gingiskhan and to drink beer. I would be quite full after eating a gingiskhan and having had my beer, that I wouldn't want to go to a museum, but rather to bed.
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Re: Sapporo trip late Jan 2021 2020/10/30 10:03
Thanks for the heads up LikeBike.

You do have a good point there about the getting full part. Ifll talk to the wifey about it. Shefs basically left the itinerary Planning to me outside of the onsen.

I do also have to consider that I have a 5 year old with me so I might leave the Historical village for another trip. Ifm more interested in seeing the Ainu culture so the museum will have to do for this trip.

Our last day we will be buying stuff and omiyage for the people back home so my wife wants to leave that free so she can take her time going through different shops.
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Re: Sapporo trip late Jan 2021 2020/10/30 10:21
Oh forgot to ask how long does it take to go through the museum?

2 hours for the historical village, must be a big place with a lot to see. I can just imagine freezing my butt off since itfs outside too in January. Lol.
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