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Nullity of Marriage 2020/10/26 23:20
Good Day,

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this difficult time.

I left Japan in February 2009 after being arrested and given Shikko yuyo from the Court due to an arranged marriage with a local Japanese. Since the marriage was confirmed as arranged, i thought it was considered null and void. The marriage was filed also in the Philippines, my home country.

I recently requested for a Certificate of Marriage and I realized that the marriage is still reflecting on my file in the Philippines. I asked relatives still living in Japan and told me that the marriage is still active and i need to file for a divorce in Japan. Problem is i am no longer in touch with the guy, my ex-husband.

Does anyone know how to proceed? Do I need to hire a lawyer?
I would humbly appreciate any advise.

by Jhuvz  

Re: Nullity of Marriage 2020/10/27 14:29
Yup lawyer
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