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Last phone bill was considered unpaid 2020/10/29 20:50

I left Japan in late August 2020 and before leaving, I canceled my contract at AU shop. As I had also stopped my credit card, I asked to pay the last bill cash (17000 yen including cancellation fees).
Everything seemed fine, except that I didnft keep the receit (so many documents when moving, I thought AU would be reliable anyway, silly me), and it seems the shop merely forgot to reflect my payment on my customerfs profile. Therefore, AU keeps sending the last bill to my mail redirecting address (a friendfs). I called them, but they said no cash entry was registered on the day I cancelled my contract.

Honestly, I donft want to pay the same bill twice. The mistake is on them and 17000 yen is not a small amount for me. But if they blacklist me, do you know if it can cause me trouble in the future if I ever move again to Japan? To get a visa, a credit card, an appartment, or just a phone subscription with another provider?
Has anyone ever experienced that?

Thank you very much
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Re: Last phone bill was considered unpaid 2020/10/30 09:23
It wont cause issue returning to Japan.

But will for the financial stuff later on.
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Re: Last phone bill was considered unpaid 2020/10/30 10:02
your name is listed at least for 5 years on the blacklist shared by phone companies. probably, you can't get a contract with AU for more long time (forever ?).
during you are listed, probably, you will have problems renting an apartment and getting a new credit card, and more ?
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Re: Last phone bill was considered unpaid 2020/10/30 11:15
Sorry to hear of what happened. Your gperceivedh unpaid bill info will go to credit bureaus, which keep records on individuals for five years concerning loans, credit card payment, and mobile phone bill payment delinquency.
I donft think this will have any impact on renting an apartment unless you were still paying for the mobile phone itself in installments; non-payment of communication charges alone will not be reported to the credit bureau.

Any way you remember the shop name, staff name??
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Re: Last phone bill was considered unpaid 2020/10/30 16:27
I presume that you used credit card to pay phone bills.
in that case, you should not cancel credit card, before you confirmed that you paid all money. generally speaking, credit card payment is very slow. it takes at least 2 months or 3 months.
what you had to do was that "stop credit card payments in very early stage, and change to monthly payments by a bill strip."

it is quite general that they use ۏ؉, when you rent an apartment. if they ask your credit history (I think they will do it.), what will happen ?
of course, bad record will affect housing loan, auto loan, and any loans.

now a days, it is quite difficult for any companies to earn money. so, they want to diminish any kinds of (potential) losses, i.e. if they think you may be a potential un-payer even if the possibility is very low, you will have lessor possibility to get services.

now, this kinds of "selection" are automatically done without considering personal situations.
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Re: Last phone bill was considered unpaid 2020/10/30 17:55
Thank you all for your replies!

Luckily I remembered the staff who attended me, and he remembered me as well. I could call the shop and they could confirm I had paid all my dues and the error was in their system.
Of course, I asked them to send me some evidence by email so I am out of trouble if their system is having problems again.

Long story short: when you leave Japan and you are drowning in all kinds of ̎ and documents, either keep them or take a picture of them, because you never know what can happen, and try to remember the name of the staff who attended you :)

Thanks again!

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