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Naturalization verification phone call 2020/11/7 01:28

Ifm in the middle of waiting for the results of my nationalization application. Ifve been waiting for months since my interview and home visit. Today I received a phone call from the local @ asking if I was still living in the same residence and whether there had been any changes to my work, etc.
Should I assume this verification is good news for the finalization of the application? Ifve read others get a similar call but Ifm nervous. How long do you typically have to wait to receive a decision after this? Anyone else naturalize recently who could shed some light?
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Naturalization verification phone call 2020/11/7 16:08
Normal and nothing to worry about.
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Re: Naturalization verification phone call 2021/5/28 19:18
I had my 3rd interview on November 2nd last year.
When I had to sign the oath, my officer already said
„You will have to renounce your current citizenship but I got the impression ites no problem, so just readg and had me read it, haha.

He also told me, I need to call if there is a change in my data/place/visa etc. , but they wonet call by themselves.

So I guess it depends on your case worker, what impression hees got.

Still waiting for the result
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