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Rent a car with driver 2020/11/13 10:48
Are there any transport company who rents a car with driver?
I found one here https://www.car-jtsa.com/english/ but I did not saw a telephone number in their webpage or no recent reviews. Anyone has used their service recently? Thank you.
I am looking for similar transport companies who can rent a car with driver.
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Re: Rent a car with driver 2020/11/14 07:13
Look into taxi companies - they provide those services (long term hire).
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Re: Rent a car with driver 2020/11/21 08:01
Uber ??
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Re: Rent a car with driver 2020/11/21 14:48
Although Uber Eats is increasingly popular, Uber car hire is not yet common in Japan, and it seems that it's all about "not having to speak with the driver".

If you are looking for a "driver & guide" sort of thing, probably the most practical way is to hire a taxi driver for a fee and a free goodwill guide (or a professional guide if it's for professional use).

As for JTSA, I couldn't find anyone talking about it on the internet.
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