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Decreasing Workload 2020/12/1 10:52
I'm a graphic designer on a 3 year work visa as an employee at a company in Tokyo.
I was wondering if anyone knew if it's possible to decrease the workload from working 5 days a week to, for example, 2 days a week. My monthly salary is 380'000 so reducing my workload would theoretically be 152000/month. I would then proceed to work on a freelance basis for other Japanese clients on the other 3 days.
So my questions are:
- Will my company have to report my change of workload to the immigration office and if yes will the immigration office be ok with it?
- Will it be legal to work as a freelancer besides being employed from an immigration offices perspective? Or will I have to switch to a self-sponsored visa?

If anyone has had experience with anything similar I'd be happy to hear how you dealt with it!

Thank you!
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Re: Decreasing Workload 2020/12/1 16:44
- Since your current employer decided to employ you on the current terms (5 days a week, @ 380,000 yen a month), based on which you were granted the work visa, if they make a material change, which I believe it is, they should be reporting it to the immigration authorities.
Now if the current employer wants to keep you, but somehow is unable to keep you full-time due to COVID, then there are some relief measures that they can take. Is that the case?

- Since you are on an employer-sponsored work visa/resident status, you cannot engage in other work without obtaining a separate permit from the immigration authorities. (Whether immigration authorities grant you this permit, seeing that you are not in substance really working gforh that employer any more, is another question.)
Self-sponsorship is possible only after a certain number of years on an employer-sponsored work-allowing resident status, and I believe youfd need to show pretty good track record. Please note that there is no specific type of resident status/visa called gself-sponsored visah in any case. (Please search this forum for other threads on gself-sponsorship.h)
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Re: Decreasing Workload 2020/12/1 20:01
Hey AK,
Thanks a lot for your fast reply!
And thanks for asking, but it's not about Covid but rather that the company and I agree that it makes sense that I only work a couple of days a week and freelance with other companies the rest of the week.
But reading your post it seems like it's not as easy as I thought!
I will try to talk with the lawyer who helped us with getting my visa to see if he has any ideas/solutions.
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Re: Decreasing Workload 2020/12/2 11:48
If you can rely on an immigration lawyer, yes, please do ask them.
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