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Can a COE get rejected in process? 2020/12/2 11:20
My husband has applied for my COE in Japan, but i do not want to go there this year i talked to him but he doesn't understand. Is there a way I can manage to email the immigration office to help me out and reject my coe without explaning the reason to my husband?
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Re: Can a COE get rejected in process? 2020/12/2 15:09
Do you mean you donft want to go in 2020 but you are happy to go anytime in 2021?
If that would be the case, no problem. Once the COE is received you still need to get the visa at your local embassy (takes a few days) and then you have a bit of time to actually enter (look forward t up, but probably something like 3 months). Although I guess your husband will start asking why you arenft coming yet. But if youfll go like in early January you can just show that ithings took awhile, without it being suspicious.
However if you mean you donft want to go in 2021, you really should speak with your husband.
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Re: Can a COE get rejected in process? 2020/12/2 15:15
I donft know what it is that your husband doesnft understand, I hope you can sort it out between the two of you.

I assume you are applying for either gspouse of Japanese nationalh (if your husband is Japanese) or gdependenth (if your husband is non-Japanese living in Japan) visa based on your marriage. If you call/e-mail to say you donft want it approved, that would sound like you donft want to live with your husband, and it would leave a gwithdrawn by the wifefs requesth note on your record. Next time when he applies/you apply again, they would wonder what that was.

It would be best if you could convince your husband of your reason not to join him this year gyeth (but later of course you will join him in Japan), and he goes to withdraw the application due to the decision by the two of you.

Practically speaking, as far as I could gather from searches on the web, looking at different immigration specialistsf pages, you need to do it in writing (not by e-mail or phone), including information on: your nationality, name, date of application, application number (which your husband has, if he applied for it), and the reason for withdrawing the application, signed by yourself. Also youfd need the piece of paper saying that theyfd accepted the application in the first place.
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Re: Can a COE get rejected in process? 2020/12/2 16:40
COE expires if you dont use it. Just allow the process to go through.

But it sounds like you have more marriage issues than above. So time to sort it out first.
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Re: Can a COE get rejected in process? 2020/12/4 07:28
In response to @LikeBike; if I do consume the COE and retrieve my VISA, wait 2.5 months and enter Japan and get my gaijin card etc, at that point, would I be able to just go back to my country again and fly back again after a 6 ish months? With my visa still intact? How long does my visa stay active for when I'm not in Japan?
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