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Renewal of PR and zairyu card from abroad 2020/12/2 14:33
Hi all,

Thanks in advance for your great help.

I'm a foreigner, lived for about 9 years in Japan, obtained my PR and moved abroad about 2 years ago for work (currently non-resident 'permanent resident').
I am not planning to relocate back to Japan soon, but would like to hold onto the Japan PR for retirement/second home country to return to.

Now my questions:

- I have to renew my multiple re-entry permit in passport after 5 years. Is this an easy process at the immigration and no problem while continue to stay in a different country? I could do this on a short trip back to Japan?

- I have to renew my Zairyu card after 7 years. Same as above. Would I need a permanent address in Japan for this at the time of renewal?

- Apart from the two points above, I understand that the PR is without a time limit, but will I run into difficulties into renewing the two above let's say multiple times without having spend 10 more years or so abroad?

Thank you!
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Re: Renewal of PR and zairyu card from abroad 2020/12/30 13:27

Any advice?
Happy holidays everyone.
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