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How to my mother's home? 2020/12/6 11:02
Is Haha no uchi a correct way to mean my mother's home? I want to describe mother's home in an endearing manner. Is grammatically correct to use uchi rather than ie? I want to evoke the feeling of being home and not just the physical structure. How is home (and not house) written in katakana & kanji?
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Re: How to my mother's home? 2020/12/6 17:46
Yes, it is grammatically correct, commonly used, and I would say that "haha no uchi" is more like "my mother's home" than "my mother's house".

In kana & kanji, it is written as
but it could also be read as "haha no ie".

If you insist on having it read as "haha no ie", you need to apply "rubi" on the top, or just write it in kana like
and it would still look natural.
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