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COE cancellation problem 2020/12/7 01:53
Hello All, Let me explain you the situation
1. I had applied for the Japanese Language school in Jan 2020 , in Feb 2020 My CoE was Generated
2. I dropped the idea of going to the school because of personal reasons , I told school about that , they
said that pay the screening fees.
3. I asked them to cancel my CoE as well but they did not cancelled it.
4.I could not pay the fees due to financial problems In November I paid the Screening Fees 25000yen
5.I have got the Job in japan and my employer wants to apply for CoE for Work.
6. I asked the school representative if he has cancelled my COE or not , he said he has not cancelled it.
Giving a reason that there was some documentation remaining.

1. The school representative is purposely doing things late and not giving the real information
2. He has not returned my original documents yet , not even the documents of the students whose COE got rejected in february Pre-COVID
3. The reason he is giving that Japan post is not available in India right now

What should I do in this process now? He is not even replying emails , not receiving my calls
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Re: COE cancellation problem 2021/8/30 18:03
Hey, I read your question and I was wondering how did you make it eventually?
I am in a similar situation..

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