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Trying to get a tattoo appointment 2005/6/15 02:29
Hi everyone! I'm going to be in Japan from August 15th to the 31st and am trying to get a tattoo appointment at Horiyoshi III's studio in Yokohama...I'm lost and need all the help i can get...PLEASE PLEASE help me...thanks

my email is ericmania@gmail.com

by boston eric  

hope this helps 2005/6/21 16:07
dude you have taste in his designs!! to be fair im looking to go to horiyoshi myself but have heard that it can take anything upto a year to get an appointment with him
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Ditto.. 2005/6/21 16:47
.. any other english websites or first hand experience with japanese tattoo artists?
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Not necessarily a year 2005/7/28 14:57
Horiyoshi III can be booked, but I've heard of people getting in with not too much of a wait. Here is his homepage.


Good luck, he's an amazing man.
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thanks 2005/7/29 02:44
hey thanks douglas, but since my post i have actually booked an appointment with his apprentice, horitomo. his work is of equal skill and i will be very pleased. i have one question still though if anyone can help me out. what do i do about tipping a tattoo artist?? i hear it is taken as an insult in Japan. and if this is the case, would a gift be more in order, i want to do something to show my appreciation. thanks everyone, im sure ill have other posts on here, i'm desperate for answers
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horitomo 2005/9/19 01:54
boston eric...how did you get the appointment with horitomo? i am heading to japan next spring, and want to get inked while there...thanks in advance for any info.
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how i got an appointment 2005/9/20 00:07
hey billy..i actually know a japanese woman that is married to a friend of my fathers. she called up the tattoo museum in yokohama and spoke with someone there about setting up an appointment..you could try there...good luck
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how long a booking? 2005/9/20 09:42
hey eric! thanks for your quick reply. that sounds like the way to go. my neighbour two doors down is of japanese descent, and is a translator for japanese newspapers. maybe i'll get her to call! how much time did you book with Horitomo? are you providing the tat design, or letting him design it? i'm just curious...thanks again for your help.
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oops! 2005/9/20 09:55
hey eric!

"I'm going to be in Japan from August 15th to the 31st"

guess i should have read your post more thoroughly! as this is now well into september, how did it go? i would really like to know more about the whole experience. also would like to know where you stayed when in yokohama, or did you pop in from tokyo for the day? thanks for any info you can give me eric. like i said, next april i'll be in japan after 4 weeks in tibet, and really want to get some tat work done...billy
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hey 2005/9/21 01:30
hey billy..that sounds great. are you into traveling or do you travel on business? odd that you will be going in april, i am actually going to be returning to japan in april! as for my appointments, i could only book 3. the way tattoo appointments work there is that you only receive 1 hour sessions. i had 3 sessions which was, well 3 hours. as for the design, i basically explained roughly what i wanted to get and left the rest up to him. let me know how everything works out..feel free to email me at

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Tatto in japan 2005/10/25 04:34
ILm going to Tokyo in November for 3 months. ILve benn waiting for this trip 3 years, one of the main reasons is my deep desire of finishing my tatto with a master japanes tattoist. I know about Horiyoshi III. Any Information or advice is welcome!!
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others? 2006/2/7 14:59
Are there any other tattoo studios in Yokohama besides Horiyoshi III's? Please, I hope someone knows of one.

If so, is there a tele or website you can give?

Thanks so much!

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Yokohama tattooists 2006/8/20 21:41
There is an amazing guy in a place called "Yellow Blaze" also in Yokohama. He does more crossver western work. Depends on whether you want more or traditional Japanese work.
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Trying to contact Shige 2008/4/15 07:57
Hi all
if anyone has any idea how to get an appointment with Shige (Yellow Blaze) or has had one, could you please share!
I got a Japanese friend to call him and he said something like "it's very hard, maybe in 2 years". but at the same time I know he does many conventions and wonder what's the protocol there. thanks all.
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