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Osaka song, circa 1980 2020/12/20 08:51
I'm trying to find a song, circa 1980, about Osaka. I remember hearing it, and Ben had the 45 version, but now can't recall too many lyrics. It had probably three verses, and each verse was about different times of day in Osaka, so the lyrics I recall were the greetings appropriate to that time of day: "konnichi wa, konnichi wa," " and" ohayou-san, ohayou-san."

There was also a line about coming up out of the subway. The song made me homesick for Osaka, I'd love to find it again, if possible.
by Aizo932 (guest)  

Re: Osaka song, circa 1980 2020/12/23 00:29
The only song that comes to my mind is:

The lyric does not include gohayou-san.h
It was written for the World Expo 1970 in Osaka.
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Re: Osaka song, circa 1980 2021/3/21 08:28
Thanks. That's not it, though. I'll keep searching.
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Re: Osaka song, circa 1980 2021/3/26 00:24
I don't think it's this one either but it's the only Osaka song from that sort of era that I can think of.
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