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Free locations for video interviews in Tokyo 2020/12/22 21:11
Hi all

I'm having a hard time finding locations that are free where I can set up my camera (with a tripod) to do video interviews with friends.

I'm looking into free places in Tokyo.

If this is Summer or Spring now, I would just do it outside but now its too cold to be outside for a prolonged period of time (some of my friends are not comfortable)

- Restaurants are usually cramped (cant set up cameras freely) and it costs money.
- Libraries are too quiet.
- My apartment is too far away from everybody that nobody wants to come.
- Some friends don't want to have the interview in their apartments.
- Last week I went on an observation deck and the security guy told me tripods are prohibited.

If any of you know any space thats free, somewhat spacious, and people wont hassle me for having a tripod up, please let me know!

Thanks in advance
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Re: Free locations for video interviews in Tokyo 2020/12/23 12:31
So basically you're looking for an indoor location that's in central Tokyo, spacious, and free to use? I'd honestly say that's going to be just about impossible. You're basically limiting yourself to publicly accessible buildings. Shops and restaurants won't want you conducting interviews and impeding their business/getting in the way of other customers. Train stations, government buildings, and office/hotel lobbies also probably won't take kindly to you using them for your interview project since those spaces are created for people who are there to use the building for its original purpose.

You might be able to find some sort of community center with a meeting/function room you can reserve, so you might want to contact ward offices and ask about them.

Honestly, though, I think your best bet would be to rent a meeting room for a couple of hours, or maybe a hotel room.
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Re: Free locations for video interviews in Tokyo 2020/12/23 13:15
If it's for a non-profit purpose, there are numerous public facilities available for free. Like the other poster wrote, contact a ward office for details if you can't pinpoint it on the Internet. If it's for profit, why not discuss it with the people who might be getting advantage from it? Maybe someone can lend you an office room or even a classroom.
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Re: Free locations for video interviews in Tokyo 2021/1/21 08:40
I would recommend places like Telecom Center. There is also places like Haneda Airport. In any case, perhaps it would be better to ask these places in advance about the possibility and get a permission. In Japan, when you have a plan of shooting a video (or taking photos) staying at a certain place for some time, you are supposed to get a permission from the concerned parties whether it is outside (like parks) or inside. They will give you some papers to fill out and explain what sort of things you need to be careful and must not do.
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