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Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2020/12/29 00:03
Ifm planning to go to Japan during my early pregnancy for regular checkups until I give birth. Does anyone knows which private maternity facility has the best and luxurious services and from which prefecture is that? A list of top 5 or 10 is much better, ranking 1 as best and so on and so forth. Quality is more preferable than quantity, so budget doesnft matter. Ifm preparing ahead. Thanks a lot! Highly appreciated.
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2020/12/29 07:27
From early pregnancy until birth meaning more than 3 months? Do you have a visa taken care of for this? I don't know what country you are from but if you plan on staying for that long then visa waiver (tourist visa) is out of the question.

Also you are aware that it may be the case that the very best facilities will not be able to provide their services to you in English? Do you speak Japanese? If you or at least any family you are bringing over with you don't speak Japanese then I don't think this is a good idea. Pregnancy and childbirth is one of those things where communication and complete understanding are totally essential. In case you are unaware, not that many Japanese people speak enough English to even hold a conversation, let alone talk about medical issues.

If neither of these things are a problem then I wish you the very best of luck, but I just thought someone should let you know.
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2020/12/29 09:10
Japan is a big country. What location are you talking about?
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2020/12/29 14:48
As a non citizen, you will have given birth before you are allowed into the country. All non citizens blocked from entry this week. Expect this yo-yo of border closures to continue.

I suggest you look for easier options closer to home.
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2020/12/29 15:50
At the risk of being overly speculative of your motives, is this perhaps a plan to come to Japan while pregnant, give birth in Japan, and then try to leverage your child being born in Japan into getting yourself a resident visa? If so you should be aware that unlike other countries (the U.S., for example), simply being born in Japan doesn't guarantee the child Japanese citizenship or even a right to live in Japan, and so "my child was born in Japan" won't get you any extra clout in applying for a resident visa.

As mentioned above, the standard tourist visa to Japan is three months. If you're planning to come to Japan early in your pregnancy, your tourist visa will expire before your due date, and if you apply for an extension, it's an absolute certainty that your pregnancy will be noted and cited as a reason to deny the application (because if you're about to give birth, it's really not the time to be taking overseas pleasure trips).
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2020/12/29 17:53
I guess you're just enjoying planning ahead, but the truth is that if budget isn't an issue, you should hire someone to do that research for you. Also, I hope you are aware that the early months of your pregnancy is the most risk-taking period. If I were you, I would wait until your fifth or sixth months to travel long-distance or fly. Or best, get pregnant after you come to Japan.

Either way, here is your answer.
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2020/12/29 19:34
To book a bed in the clinic, you need to have seen the doctor in the clinic for checkups regularly from the early stage of pregnancy.
Vacancy for maternity is in short depending on the area and I highly doubt they let a tourist book.
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2021/1/3 12:35
Highly appreciated all of your responses. I apologize I havenft explain it well. Ifm engaged and I know Ifm way too early to plan all of these but itfs better to be prepared. Ifm not pregnant yet. And what Ifm planning is, to go to Japan back and forth for regular check ups for monitoring my pregnancy and when Ifm about to give birth. Ifm not planning to stay my whole pregnancy timeframe there. Ifve known Japan for their amazing healthcare services aside from anime, foods, and its breathtaking places. But I have no idea about maternity facility to choose. Ifm looking for their best maternity facility with full attention to their patients, extremely relaxing place, and everything that a newly mother needs. Big and top hospitals or research centers is out of my list. I searched and found one so far and it is in Saitama, that Keiai Maternity Hospital in Fujimi-shi Saitama. If you happen to know some, feel free to list it down and Ifll do my own research about it. Please donft mind the cost. The quality and their services are what matters to me the most.

I wanted to have a list to avoid running out of options as the tendency to get rejected due to out of slots (or beds) is high. Thanks ahead!
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2021/1/3 13:59
Just thinking out loud here, but all of this sounds like way more trouble than it is worth. Japan is generally not a cheap destination unless you are located in Asia. If you can afford to be flying back and forth throughout your pregnancy just for checkups, then I bet you can afford very good healthcare in your own country where communication with the hospital staff will not be an issue. Are you confident enough in your Japanese ability to do this? If you were then I think you would have just searched the Japanese internet for answers to your question. There's lots of information out there, but most of it isn't in English. If that's an issue for you then I recommend against travelling to Japan for any healthcare reasons at all. Not to sound too harsh, but surely you must see where I'm coming from?

Also people who travel to and from Japan a lot in a short period of time often attract questions from immigration officials at the border. Usually not a problem if you're honest with them about your reasons for travel and have no plans to overstay, etc. But the fact that you will be heavily pregnant and about to give birth is definitely going to raise more eyebrows.

Please think this through.
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2021/1/3 14:12
Basically, hospitals don't accept pregnant women unless the doctors working there haven't seen from the early stage of the pregnancy because it's simply a risk for them. Those who were found out to be pregnant get registered You should understand giving birth is totally different from staying at a hotel.

There are cases they can't give birth under the observation of her doctor.
A: When she had to move while pregnant.
B: She got in an emergency when she's away from her doctor who she's met and been examined regularly.

In case A, the new doctor gets all the medical records from the former doctor and talks to the former doctor when necessary. You can't see multiple doctors.
In case B, you can't book or select the hospital. The ambulance will take you to the nearest hospital that accepts you.
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2021/1/4 02:30
I want to state now, I did not give birth in Japan, but had a great birth in a free standing birthing center here in the US. But I did fly to and from Japan during my first and second trimester and flew roundtrip across the US (NY to CA) in my 3rd trimester about a month before I gave birth. I have to say, traveling while pregnant is not a lot of fun. The Japanese were overall just lovely and I got a special wristlet/charm during my 2nd trimester trip and got to use a special check in line at the airport. (It's not as nice as just flying business or first, but did allow me to sit when I was checking in after waiting in line.) Overall, I really didn't relish traveling while pregnant and presumably if your fiancee lives in Japan, you will be doing the flying alone (like I did on my first two trips) it can be challenging. Despite being an older mom, I was not high risk, but I was going in once a month to see my doctor/midwives outside of some other testing and more frequently during my last month or so. I had terrible morning sickness. It was not just in the morning, and it did not end after the first trimester. My first trip during my first trimester, I didn't know I was pregnant yet. I didn't start suspecting until part way through the trip. My second semester trip I knew I was pregnant and about 5 1/5 months. I lucked out and it was the during the 4 weeks I felt best during my pregnancy. My final trip would have been horrific, but I had status on United at the time and upgraded myself to first class on all the legs of my flight and it made a huge difference for comfort. I can't imagine making the same trip in economy.

I do know people who gave birth in Japan because they were living there at the time and none of them seemed to think the experience was so amazing they had to go back for a future birth. They gave birth there because that is where the lived/live.

Good luck!
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Re: Maternity with Best & Luxurious Services 2021/1/4 13:53
Mary, you have yet to say your status in Japan - would you be a tourist? If so, it is highly unlikely that this is a route open to you. Lots of airlines refuse travel to heavily pregnant women, and Japanese maternity services may not be open to tourists. Furthermore, immigration may become suspicious with so much travel to Japan while you are pregnant.

If you have a visa for Japan (work, spouse, etc.) that would be different.
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