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Japanese 77th birthday 2021/1/2 01:49
How do I celebrate a Japanese 77th birthday? I need ideas please.
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Re: Japanese 77th birthday 2021/1/3 01:48
Purple should be the color scheme.

You can celebrate in any way that you desire (dinner, travel, Onsen, etc.), as long as you wear a purple chanchanko (similar to a vest). Red is the color when turning 60, purple is for 77.

Search 喜寿 (きじゅ , Kiju) for details.

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Re: Japanese 77th birthday 2021/1/3 15:59
It may depend on the region and family. Ask your relatives for details.

For example, Japanese-Hawaiians seem to celebrate these birthdays in a very different way. In Japan, most people celebrate it like a bigger birthday party, with children and grandchildren gathering. Traditionally, the birthday person would be given a purple hat and chanchanko to wear, but nowadays the family give some kind of modern and practical purple clothing instead. The others don't necessarily wear purple.

Keep in mind that currently in Japan, physical gatherings are to be avoided in hope to prevent the spreading of Covid-19. Things like video calling is used instead.
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Re: Japanese 77th birthday 2021/1/4 08:59
We live in rural Arkansas. I was trying to get information and try to make it as close to being in Japan. With COVID and everything we will not be trying to go to Japan this year like was planning on a few years ago.
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