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Can children watch Noh? 2021/1/3 22:01
i'm curious if children can be allowed to enter and watch a Noh play?
I never been to one but i would love to in the future. thanks.
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Re: Can children watch Noh? 2021/1/4 08:15
I think it depends on the type of Noh performance and the age of the child. These days, there are many Noh performances that are relatively short and targeted at beginners. I am sure that children would not only be allowed but even welcome at many of these types of performances. However, when it comes to regular performances, many theaters seem to have written or unwritten age restrictions. A quick internet search has brought me to one theater that does not accept children below the age of 6.
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Re: Can children watch Noh? 2021/1/4 09:05
As Uji states - it really depends on the age of the child and type of Noh play.

There is also a difference between being allowed to go and what might be socially acceptable.

I have only been to one or two performances (Takachiho - or I think it was Noh) which was aimed towards local and foreign tourists which was fun and had English translations of key scenes. For that performance - I'd be comfortable to take a quiet and well behaved 8-9 year old and older.

I also took my parents to the Miyako Odori (geisha) in Kyoto and it was not our cup of tea. Taking any children to that I think would be painful for the child unless they had a fascination for slow dancing.

Sometimes - less is more
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Re: Can children watch Noh? 2021/1/4 09:53
Hello, thank you for anwering my question. It's informative and helpful.
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