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Hired driver for scenic routes 2021/1/7 18:03
Before COVID, I traveled a lot to the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.
Since I can't drive, I always hired a driver.

Sometimes this person would act like a regular taxi driving me from point A to point B.
Then later pick me up and take me back.

Other times they would drive along lesser known scenic routes with me.
Making multiple stops along the way allowing me to take photos where normal sightseeing buses wouldn't.

Is there a similar service in Japan?
And if so, where could I find them?

There's many less popular areas of Japan that don't have sightseeing buses.
Since I can't drive, I'm hoping to find a similar service.
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Re: Hired driver for scenic routes 2021/1/7 20:49
You can go to a random taxi stop (for example, the taxis lined in front of a train station) and ask the driver if (s)he can show you around for a fee. They would typically charge you something like 10,000 yen to do a little tour. You can state your purpose and preferences. Taxi drivers often know the best diners as well.

These taxis may be more popular at touristic sites than business areas. Note, however, that not all drivers speak fluent English. You may want to hire a professional interpreter or a goodwill guide to assist you.
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Re: Hired driver for scenic routes 2021/1/7 22:09
Also note that a lot of destination in Japan are readily accessible by public transport. Probably much more so than in the other Asian countries you have visited.
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Re: Hired driver for scenic routes 2021/1/8 15:52
Tourist information center (often located in front of the main train station in tourism-centered towns/cities) can provide you information about gkanko takushiih = sightseeing taxi service.
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