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Micro electronics repairer? 2021/1/8 15:39
Hello all.
I was wondering (hoping) if anyone knows a computer repair shop that does micro repairs to a burnt motherboard? Im thinking Akiharbara, but Im in Shikoku, so I really need a web site or email address i can send them pictures first for an assessment.
I can find lots of places for iphone, nothing for pc though.

thank you for any suggestions.
by Hirosake  

Re: Micro electronics repairer? 2021/1/8 23:09
I think a lot.
just google with the words, "パソコン 修理" or "マザーボード 修理".
it depends on how heavily damaged.
if condensers were broken, it is easy.
but, buying a new computer and recovering your data from hard drives are an alternative choice.
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Re: Micro electronics repairer? 2021/1/9 15:52
ah good. thank you. I have a few sites to try now. cheers :)
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