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How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/11 09:33
I've read a bit about how the Japanese react to tattoos in general, but nothing about precisely Japanese tattoos. I have thought about traveling to and in the future work in Japan and currently I have a tattoo that covers my entire right arm, at the top it has a samurai skull and at the bottom it has some autumnal leaves and a lotus flower (nothing significant, purely aesthetic). The word 'Ishin-denshin (以 心 伝 心)' is engraved on my left wrist.

I have really been wondering if this would be a problem when traveling to Japan or if it would cause some rejection from its population.

In advance thank you very much if you can help with my question.
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Re: How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/11 19:02
In short: no tattoo (except for the most extreme/offensive ones) design is likely to cause you any issues whatsoever when travelling as a tourist. Though tattoos will disqualify you from entry to many public bathing facilities, gyms, etc. Japanese people understand that different countries have different values, and that 99% of the time that someone has a tattoo it is simply a fashion statement. A tattoo with Japanese text may cause some interest/amusement if you end up talking to someone about it, but as a tourist it is unlikely that anyone will even notice or care. People are too busy getting on with their own lives, and people in the big cities see foreign tourists with tattoos every single day of their lives. So rest assured you won't be getting any abuse from strangers if that is what you are concerned about.

Source: Me. Covered in tattoos and so are many of the people I associate with. Have spent a lot of time in Japan as both a tourist and resident.
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Re: How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/11 20:20
I can confirm that the comments mentioned by the other poster seems to be correct from my knowledge on the subject.

Locals normally let people live their lives to themselves. Unless you are going around to public baths and gyms with an armless shirt - I doubt that most people would even notice.

Some older people in the countryside might notice it and find it a bit odd - but thats about it. An actual Japanese person (who the other person may be from all I know) will know more than I do.
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Re: How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/11 22:11
may not reject you, but, they may not join you in their society.
so, you only can be a member of the restricted societies ( parties, fields, etc.) in which they accept tattoo.
be noticed that, even if some Japanese, who think that they are liberal by themselves and that they know other worlds than others, say that they accept your tattoo, they will often refuse their children's tattoo. that is quite ordinary funny phenomenon.
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Re: How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/12 14:04
You have read nothing about precisely Japanese tattoos? Are you sure you typed "tattoos" in the search window of this Question Forum? And then you are asking about foreign visitor's tattoos?

Well, I've seen both Japanese residents and foreign visitors walking around with tattoos to the degree of yours, and find them having no problem. They could, of course, be refused where rules say that tattoos are refused. I have Japanese resident friends with heavier tattoos. They raise kids, and visit their schools wearing long sleeves. No problem. They can't go swimming at most beaches, so they'd have pool parties at friends'.

I'm a tattoo-less Japanese resident, if that helps. I hope I've answered your question, and that you'd have fun here in Japan soon.
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Re: How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/20 23:17
I don't think it is a big deal for Japanese to see foreigners with tattoos especially in cities such as Tokyo. But when it comes to the rural areas, people might react different towards them. They also take a different view against a local individual with tattoos. Majority of older people consider Japanese nationals with tattoos are anti-social while it's been more accepted amoung the young generation. I make sure to conceal my tattoos with cosmetics when I visit there as I am Japanese. I do so in order to give people some respect.
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Re: How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/21 12:06
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Re: How do people react to japanese tattoos? 2021/1/21 20:37
Japanese people don't offended because people get traditional tattoos of their culture. ... I don't think it's offensive as a white man to get traditional Japaneae tattoos on yourself. Tattoo is a form of art and art can be universal. It so happen you like Japanese stuffs and no one can stop you doing that.
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